Slow Speed Synchronicity

In the last post we talked a little bit about Muscle Memory and how you can create a pathway to build an automatic system of recall…

I didn’t go into a lot of “how to”.

I can’t give all my secrets away, but I can give you some info that will allow you to be more effective than ever before…

When I say an automatic system of recall, I mean that your mind can recognize a concept, goal, task, etc that you want it to an act on…

When you begin to rely on your mind force just as you would your computer to provide reliable data, you will be unstoppable…

So, what is this “Slow Speed Synchronicity” all about?

It’s about slowing the thought of a predetermined concept for a favorable outcome by stimulating you muscle memory.

“Slow Speed Synchronicity”

1. With this technique you are going to take a concept and think on it.
2. You are going to slow it down in your mind almost until it is frame by frame.
3. When it is slow, you will actually begin to feel the concept from many different vantage points because you are slowing it down to interpret it from many levels.
4. By slowing things down, you build a synchronicity of that concept with your mind in order for it to grasp the concept faster


This is one of the harder concepts to understand, but if you are intuitive, you’ll get the concept.

Inside of my Distilled Learning Method when you get the Mind Force Library, I break down each of these concepts for you to truly understand with video and audio.

Now for a quick thought…

Take the concept of “Muscle Memory” as you understand it, and slow it down in your mind.

Look at it from different angles..See it from a different perspective and watch the concept come alive for you…

Do is slow and that is “Slow Speed Synchronicity” You can do anything you slow down and focus on.

So far you are getting more information than most of my paying clients got years ago. I hope you appreciate it… You can get my Mind Force Library with Distilled Learning by clicking here.