Power of The Mind, Part 7

“You Must Be Convinced and Believe in The  Results You Want”


Are you enjoying each of these laws?

Are you understanding the significance of each and every one?

Here’s a recap:

#1- Every Mental Image  That You Allow To Take Complete  Control of Your Mind Tends to  be Realized

#2- Nothing in Your Mind Should  be in Opposition to the Mental Image You Wish to Bring About at that Moment

#3- If Will and Conviction are  Opposed, Conviction Will Prevail.

#4- “Effort Alone Produces the  Reverse of the Hoped for Effect”

#5- “Any Thought That is Motivated  by a Feeling Tends to Become Reality”

Can you convince yourself of  believing you can do what ever you desire– Read on.

When you are convinced and then believe in the results you want, you tend to get those results.

The reason this is Law #6, is  because the other 5 laws kind of build your mind to get to  this level.

When you are convinced and believe you then have power…

Belief is one of the strongest elements you can have in your arsenal of Mind Power, or what I like to call…



As I mentioned before, having all of these elements or laws combined creates a massive amount of mental as well as physical energy…

That energy will do your bidding, if  you would only allow it to work for you and not against you.

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