Power of The Mind, Part 5

“Effort Alone Produces the Reverse of the Hoped for Effect”


We are half way to getting the 6 Laws of the Mind done.

Here’s a recap:

#1- Every Mental Image That You Allow To Take Complete Control of Your Mind Tends to be Realized

#2- Nothing in Your Mind Should be in Opposition to the Mental Image You Wish to Bring About at that Moment

#3- If Will and Conviction are Opposed, Conviction Will Prevail.

Each law is potent, combined their power is exponential!

I always talk about putting in “Flight Time” and as important as that is, you need a little more.

Just putting in “effort” does not make it so…

You need to add the other ingredients in order to get this recipe to work well…

Look at the first three laws and then apply them to the fourth and you will discover the importance of them.

Simple, yet powerful concepts.

I’m not kidding, you need to really focus and meditate on all of these and understand the importance of each…


Some people think that if they just put in more grunt work, they will get what they want.


You can do more good by getting your mind thinking right than by doing extra work.


When you get my full report, you will begin to see the value of all of them together…

I may even add a very special surprise for you as well, so stay tuned!

Tomorrow,Law #5 is up:

“Any Thought That is Motivated by a Feeling Tends to Become Reality”

More good information that you can easily use.

You will love the next training session,

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