Power of The Mind, Part 4

“If Will and Conviction are Opposed, Conviction Will Prevail.”


Have you started to internalize the first 2 laws?

#1- Every Mental Image That You Allow To Take Complete Control of Your Mind Tends to be Realized

#2- Nothing in Your Mind Should be in Opposition to the Mental Image You Wish to Bring About at that Moment

Take the Time to Understand How Each Law Applies to Your Own Life

The 3rd law is all about the concept of “Will” and how it relates to your Mind Power.

The fact is, Will Power alone very rarely works.

Are you shocked by that fact?

Conviction is a “Firm Belief”

Will Power is more of an actual method of training the mind.

You gain beliefs based on constant repetition of a specific concept.

It is very hard to change someone’s beliefs.

The Belief Test

What is your strongest belief system?

-> Religious
-> Political
-> Social

How easy would it be for someone to change one of your beliefs?

…Almost impossible

Once someone has a belief, it becomes imbedded in their mind and is very hard to alter.

That is why in the battle between Will Power and Conviction (belief), conviction wins ever time.

So, if you are trying to force yourself through will power, it very rarely works.

Your belief is that you can only earn a certain amount of money…

This conviction is an underlying cause of your frustration, and no matter how much will power you apply to it, you can’t seem to change…

The reason, is you have a very strong conviction.

What is the solution?

You need to create a new belief or conviction.

Now, you can use Will Power to create that new conviction.

Most new habits which turn into a belief system are created in
about 21 days.

You can change your belief about something if you can look at it from multiple angles.

Once you get that conviction, the sky is the limit for you.

Tomorrow, I have Law #4 for you.

“Effort Alone Produces the Reverse of the Hoped for Effect”

I will show you why just putting the work in isn’t the only thing you need to do.

Very powerful stuff indeed!

Like all the others, begin the application of the law.