Power of The Mind, Part 3

[ – — – MENTAL LAW #2 – — – ]

Nothing in Your Mind Should be in Opposition to the Mental Image You Wish to Bring About at that Moment

[– – – – MENTAL LAW #2 – – – ]

So, you have this mental image in your head…

How do you keep focused on it and only it?

If you have two thoughts in your mind at the same time, one will usually win out.

The key is to make sure you can keep yourself focused and clear upon what you desire.


You have in your mind a job that you applied for, but there is this little voice  that keeps telling you,  that you are not going to get it…

That is the seed of doubt…

It is the reason why you don’t get what you want.

…Remove that thought from your mind,  so there is no conflict on what it is
that you really want.


There is NO such thing as coincidence…


…And don’t ever forget that

You are the CONTROLLER of your life.

Take thoughts thoughts of power and make them your dominant thought…

Remove all DOUBT…Remove all FEAR

Get right with your mind and it will serve you well…

How do you do that?

You protect your mind from the negative of the world…

-> You don’t need newspapers
-> Don’t watch the news
-> Stay away from negative people
-> Build a fortress around your mind

People often times protect everything but their minds.

My belief is do not let the negative in and it won’t be as effective at hurting you…

Tomorrow, I have Law #3 for you.

“If Will and Conviction are Opposed, Conviction Will Prevail.”

This will dispell the…


Take this lesson and really internalize it for your own wonderful Mind Power.