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I fully understand I get everything promised in the video and exactly what I need to start creating incredible energy & mind power

I also understand I will be getting the following: Keep in mind that this is a  Digital Download version, you will not have anything shipped to you, but everything will be in digital download format.


  • Chi Power Manual– Includes (2) manuscripts. The Famous Chi Power Plus and the Master Secrets of Qigong Training Manual
  • Dim Mak Manual– Includes (3) manuscripts. Dim Mak Striking, Acupressure Points & Self Defense Secrets. Discover the secrets these pressure points hold for healing or self defense.
  • Mind Force System Manual– Includes (3) manuscripts. You get three great instructional manuals that have sold for $27 each in the past. Mind Force Meditation, Mind Force Psychic Energy & Mind Force Attraction. A great addition to the Chi Power Library of Esoteric Manuals
  • Bonus Training MP3 #1– Intensive Chi Power Plus Book discussion. Incredible insights that normally would cost hundreds just to get an hour of this man’s time.
  • Bonus Training MP3 #2– Q&A Sessions and help files.
  • Chi Power Chart– You’ll receive a full color chart of the Internal Organs. This is a small version of our deluxe wall poster version
  • Pressure Points Charts- You’ll receive (3) full color charts to help with your acupressure skills. These are the small version of our deluxe wall poster version.
  • Manipulation Manual- The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence
  • Closed Door Self Hypnosis Manual
  • All Bonus Hypnosis Files including 12 Devices Audio, Hetero Hypnosis Video and Audio and Self Hypnosis Video & Audio

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Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Esoteric Manuals in Digital Format for Immediate Download