Is Accelerated Learning Possible?

Is Accelerated Learning Possible?

I’m going to teach you an important concept, one that will serve you well…

Everyone wants to learn techniques…
But techniques are just that.

And sometimes they are very limited.

I want to open your mind to begin to understand the real power that you possess.

The real power of learning is through systems.
Systems that are built around getting you the quickest results.

In this simple email, I will give you a few concepts
that will serve you quite well, if You will just apply them.
Over the years, I learned avast array of esoteric skills.
aperhacsimage2I was a student first.
Then I became an apprentice, and finally I became an instructor.

This process never changes,
but you can accelerate it. I’ve done it,
and taught it to thousands over the last 10 years.

How do you get really good at something?
You immerse your self in the subject.
You then become a Student of that subject.
And after a while you become knowledgeable.
And after that you might even become good at the skill.

In a certain amount of time,
you can go from a total beginner to advanced.
Some people asked me over the years,
how did you get so good so fast?
Put In The Proper “Flight Time”
The answer is, I put in more flight time
than what most people would commit to.

And then I figured out systems
to learn that material at a rapid rate.

One that was quicker than even
those on the fastest track.

Let me give you and example:
In 2000, I took my first hypnosis course….
A few months later I took one on NLP.

And after that, I totally immersed myself into the study of how to become a controller of myself and others.
Within about 9 months, I was at a very high skill level,
even better than some of the people who taught me.

I wrote my Manipulation:

The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence system on the 13th month from the very first lesson I took.

A year from that, I was being asked on radio stations
as an “expert witness” for a serial killer
that was executing people in and around Maryland.

So, how does that happen?
It happened because I distilled the learning down to a system whereby
I could learn the material at an accelerated rate.

You can do the same thing with anything you want to learn.

Of course I want to teach you how to do this so you can become a master of yourself in the quickest time possible.
In my next email, I’m going to reveal the one concept I have used for years to get the maximum out of the minimum time.

This one concept has kept me at the top of my game,
while my competition just wonder show I do what I do.

So, make sure you read the next one. I promise it will be good.

The lesson for today is–IMMERSION.
Internalize this one concept and it will serve you well.

I am teaching you through these posts, not only a concept but a technique that I will reveal later that works every time you use it.

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