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“Will This Work For Me?”

Yes! Mind Force Hypnosis works. The reason it works, is we teach you in detail how you can influence your subconscious mind in a very powerful and dynamic way. Hypnosis has been working for centuries and now can assist you in any area of your life.

“Is Hypnosis Safe”?

Hypnosis has been proven to be very safe. In fact it will allow YOU to have control over the influence you want to put in your subconscious mind. Once you become a “Controller”, you will have the knowledge and expertise of how to avoid harmful suggestions and concentrate on ones that will empower you…

“What EXACTLY Does Mind Force Hypnosis Teach?”

We have (4) four seperate manuals or books that will teach you four very diestinctive methods of Hypnosis. These four manuals were purt together to allow you to have the most powerful results in your hypnosis aresenal. These Manuals cover.

1. Manipulation- Overall manual that covers all aspects of covert persuasion and hypnotic influence.

2. The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize- Covers the use of hypnotic devices

3. Hetero Hypnosis- Covers “Stage Hypnosis”, Inductions and other useful skills

4. Closed Door Self Hypnosis Files- Teaches several powerful methods of self hypnosis, autosuggestion and affirmations that work wonderful.

“How Is Mind Force Hypnosis Different Than Other Books/Courses?”

My main concept has always been to deliver cutting edge, highly effective concepts that you can learn to use very quickly. I’ve designed everything to be what I call “Rapid Fire”, which means, I don’t waste your time with a bunch of fluff and useless info. I give you what you need to get this to work. Period!

“What Kind of Results Can I Expect?”

That really depends on you. I’ll deliver riviting content that you can use almost as soon as you open the books. The next step is how much flight time will you actually put in to get really good at this? My top students put in a little bit of work and have gotten a big dose of excellent results over the years, and expect the same for you…If you apply what I teach.

“Is My Contact Information Safe With You?”

Yes, we will never share, sell or rent your private information with any other company. We will use it only to provide you with useful information to help you understand hypnosis and Mind Force better. You can remove yourself and not to be contacted by us at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email you get.

“What Will I Get When I Enter My Information?”

As soon as you enter your name and email to get your Mind Force Hypnosis Video, the first thing you will get an email asking you to click on a link to confirm your subscription. Just click on that link and you will receive another email with a link to view the training video. You will also receive additional information and training over the next 7 days…

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